Why choose Invidia Exhausts?


Invidia High Performance employ a team of engineers and conduct thorough research and development for every single exhaust component they manufacture, ensuring performance to match the customer's needs in every instance, including the use of the highest quality High Flow Catalytic Converters where applicable.


Invidia spends countless hours on research and development, including listening to customer feedback in order to fine tune their systems to suit the target market for each model, from the quieter Q300 to the Race orientated G5 Titan, so you can be assured your car sounds its absolute best, without sacrificing performance.


Invidia use Grade 304 Stainless Steel or Grade 5 Titanium for all exhaust piping. Cast flanges are used in the construction which ensure precise fitment with additional resistance to warping and potential exhaust leaks. Finally, robotic welding machines are used to ensure every single weld is uniform and precise with minimal chance of failure.

Featured Product

2022+ Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR86

The new generation of BRZ and 86 is here and Invidia Exhausts offer a full suite of exhaust systems to suit including the Q300, R400 and N1.

Invidia Exhausts are suitable for all car types from stock to heavily modified including Supercharged and Turbocharged vehicles.

Invidia Exhausts can handle the most torturous driving conditions including dedicated motorsport and track applications.

Unleash the potential of the new FA24 engine by installing a new Invidia Exhaust system today.

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