Lifetime Warranty on Invidia Exhuast Products

Invidia Exhausts Australia warrants all of its products with a limited lifetime warranty policy. Warranty claims must be accompanied by the original sales receipt from an authorised dealer.

A trained professional must install all Invidia products. Any issues with compatibility or installation should be addressed before attempting to install the product. No modifications are to be made with out the consent of Invidia Exhausts Australia. Warranty will be voided if not installed by qualified person or Authorsied Dealer.

If warranty is approved, all items MUST be shipped back to Invidia Exhausts Australia at owners cost, where we will inspect the product and repair or replace at our discretion. Item then will be shipped back to customer. Replacment parts will not be sent out until the warranty item is returned.

All purchases of Invidia Exhausts MUST be registered with Invidia Exhausts Australia to activate all Warranty. Thismust be done with in 60 days of purchase. Please fill out online form. All instructions will be inside the Invidia product.

Lifetime Warranty covers:

Lifetime Warranty does not cover:

Australian Invidia Products

Invidia Australia products are different to some USA Invidia, We have different sond restrictions on our cars and we have made changes to these to ensure these are as close to legal as possible.

Fitment Disclaimer

All Invidia Exhausts Australia products are engineered to fit with Invidia applications, some OEM applications and other some other brands.

Invidia Exhausts Australia can not be held responsible for fitment with other brands, ie down pipes from other companies. Although we are confident our products fit with MOST other products on the market we can not guarantee fitment will be perfect or the same. If in doubt, please contact us prior to your purchase.

Furthermore, Invidia Exhausts Australia will not be held responsible for fitment issues caused by an accident. Many times, tolerance and clearances needed for installation are very strict. If a vehicle has been involved in a accident, this can affect fitment.

Some products we carry are made for the USA market, ie EVO 7-9 cat-backs and turbo-backs. Due to this, fitment on certain Evos is not always the same perfect. Please contact us prior to your purchase if you are concerned a product may not fit your vehicle.