FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Invidia Exhaust’s street legal? 

Yes Invidia Exhausts are street legal in Australia, However if you modify the original structure of the Invidia Exhaust there is no guarantee your system will remain road legal.

What are Invidia Exhausts made of? 

Invidia uses Grade 304 Stainless Steel (with the exception of their titanium systems). This particular grade is chosen for its strength, durability (ability to withstand the elements), as well as its ability to be formed and welded with relative consistency and ease.

Are Invidia Exhausts loud?

Invidia Exhaust offers a number of exhaust variants to customers who are looking for a specific sound. For example the Invidia Q300 is a temperate noise level, the Invidia R400 is a moderate - loud sound, and the Invidia N1/N2 models are the loudest option available, more suitable for the track. Additionally some exhaust systems will come with different sized resonators depending on the car.

Do Invidia Exhausts have warranty? 

Yes! Invidia Exhausts comes with a limited lifetime warranty with these exceptions:

  • Exhaust Manifolds (12 months)
  • G5 Titanium Exhausts (12 months)
  • Catalytic Converters (24 months)

However If you modify the exhaust system in any way from its original intended design the lifetime warranty will be voided.


What does the warranty cover?

  • Structural welds
  • Mufflers and internals
  • Cracks
  • Manufacturing defects


What doesn't the warranty cover?

  • The falling off of the Logo or Invidia Badge
  • Scrapes or scrubbing
  • Damage caused by crashes or vehicle accidents
  • Damage caused by anti-lag/crackle/backfire/shift-cut tuning


How to install an Invidia N1 Exhaust?

Invidia N1 Catback systems can be installed at home. Invidia Exhaust’s recommendation is always have an industry professional install our systems.

How much horsepower does an Invidia Exhaust add? 

A full Invidia Exhaust system installed and tuned will see increased horsepower gains. How much horsepower depends on your car and what other modifications you are running.

Where is Invidia Exhaust made?

Invidia Exhaust are manufactured in Taiwan and distributed to authorised dealers across the world.

Is Invidia Exhaust Titanium?

Yes, some Invidia Exhausts are made from titanium such as the Invidia Titan G5 R400 Cat back for the Subaru WRX/STI 11-21.

Who owns Invidia Exhausts Australia?

Invidia Exhausts Australia is owned by Pro Speed Racing Pty Ltd.

Can you modify Invidia Exhausts?

We recommend not modifying your Invidia Exhaust from it’s intended design and purpose as this will void it’s lifetime warranty

Does Invidia Exhaust ever go on sale?

Invidia Exhaust from time to time will run promotions across the year. Shop for your exhaust now to find out! Free Shipping awaits!

How are Invidia Exhausts made?

From the very beginning, Invidia employ state of the art manufacturing techniques to ensure form, fit and finish are all on point. A 3D scan is taken of the underside of the car to ensure fitment is 100% correct. Cast flanges are used in the construction which ensure 100% correct fitment every time, with no leaks or additional stress points.

Finally, robotic welding machines are used to ensure every single weld is uniform and precise, not only adding a huge amount of strength, but also removing manufacturing variances which are unavoidable when doing a task by hand. This means every system that rolls off the production line is just about as identical as possible. All built to the same incredible high standard. Did we mention it also looks absolutely awesome?