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Perfect for Invidia exhaust systems which utilise clamp-on tips, these PSR carbon tips are the perfect way to add even more style to your aftermarket exhaust system. Manufactured from stainless steel and real twill-weave Carbon Fibre with a matte finish. Includes clamp.

Sold individually.



  • Tips will be very tight and sometimes require slight bending in order to slip over the exhaust outlet piping. This is to ensure the tightest possible fit to reduce the risk of tips falling off. Some piping is not exactly 60mm so this allows compatibliity with almost all 60mm systems.
  • After installation check the tightness of the clamp every few days to ensure it hasn't loosened after a few heat cycles. After the first week check regularly to ensure it is still tight.


Compatible exhausts:

  • HS02N3ZG: Gemini Cat Back Exhausts - Nissan 350Z Z33 02-09
  • HS03IG3G: Gemini Cat Back Exhaust - Nissan Skyline V35/Infiniti G35 V35 (Coupe)
  • HS07IG7G: Gemini Cat Back Exhaust - Nissan Skyline V36/Infiniti G37 V36 (Coupe)
  • HS09N7ZG: Gemini Cat Back Exhaust - Nissan 370Z Z34 09-21
  • HS23N7ZG: Gemini Cat Back Exhaust - Nissan Z "400Z" RZ34 23+
  • HS09MEXG3: Q300 Cat Back Exhaust - Mitsubishi Evo X CZ4A
  • HS12SST7GM1*: R400 70mm Cat Back Exhaust - Subaru BRZ & Toyota 86 12-21, 22+
  • HS17GFR75GV4*: R400 Valved Cat Back Exhaust - VW Golf R Mk7.5
  • HS22GFR8GV4: R400 Valved Cat Back Exhaust - VW Golf R Mk8

*Only suits July 2023-Onwards with updated clamp-on tip design.


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